I am re-blogging this controversial blog written by James Tracy, an American professor who says there are some unanswered questions about Sandy Hook. The events were tragic and involved little children and so we were all in shock. But just like 9/11 there began to be unanswered questions. Let’s at least read this with an open yet skeptical mind. I do not think James Tracy is a crackpot like many have made him out to be. I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with his theories. You be the judge.

Ten and Zen Class

Ten and Zen Class

I’ve been invited by Learn It Live, a new learning academy, to present a one hour free class on Ten and Zen- “Finding your true purpose and passion in life”. On Thursday Jan. 17th at 4:00 p.m. pacific. To register just click on the attached link.
Here is a Description:
This workshop  is about creating your true purpose and passion in life which is generally birthed at 10 years old. At some point in your life you will be doing what you loved to do most when you were ten years old, and that will be your true passion and love that makes you happy and fulfilled. Until then you are just doing a job. So, you might as well re-create that little ten year old now so you start feeling happy today.