Hi Everyone, W…

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first blog entry. Many of you already know that I wrote a book a few years ago on the fusion of Zen and business. Here is the link to that website www.zentrepreneurism.com

Well today I’d like to embark on a new journey with you on re-discovering that little ten year old boy.

Remember what you loved to do more than anything else when you were ten years old?  If that memory evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling than you have discovered your “sweet spot”.

Jim Rohn, the noted motivational speaker was quoted once as saying; “Whatever you loved to do most at the age of ten is what you truly love and are passionate about. At some point  in your life you will be doing what you loved to do most when when you were ten years old, until then it will just be a job.

And so I am inviting you to journey back to a time when you were truly happy, and re-acquaint yourself with that little ten year old boy and share your love and passion.

Your intention should be to do whatever it takes to make your true love and passion your life’s work.

Let me begin by sharing my story. I’m 70 years old and until last year I was continuing to create a life around all of the jobs I was most familiar with. I spent a lifetime ignoring my true passion. As a result my health and relationships  began to reflect the unhappiness of simply just doing something to make money. My degrees and my professional CV does not reflect what I did when I was ten years old.

When I was the happiest, was when  at the age of ten I used to broadcast to my Mother in the kitchen on a small speaker my dad had installed. He built me a radio station in the den with a turntable and a microphone. I literally ran home everyday after school, so excited to be the radio guy. And then something happened, my parents who saw radio as a hobby not an avocation and society told me that I needed to go to college and get a degree, and so began a journey I am sure you can all relate to.

The pursuit of a degree and a field of education to get a job and to make money. And so like many of you I abandoned the dream, the passion, the love of what I really enjoyed doing at ten years old. And now I am back to re-connecting with that little ten year old boy and am enjoying the moment. It feels good and it feels right.

I also find that when you are doing something you truly enjoy the people around you are happy because you’re happy. So, I am not suggesting you quit your job tomorrow, but what I would challenge you to do is to find a way of bringing back that little ten year old boy or girl and letting them have some fun.

Explore how you can introduce that love or passion a little bit each day of your life, and who knows maybe one day what you truly love to do will become your life’s work, and just maybe the money will follow.

Research has shown that if people are doing what they truly love and are passionate about they are healthier, happier and live longer. I hope you will share some of your stories. Tell the world what you loved to do when you were ten years old. Tell us what you do now for a living. Is that creating a life for you or just making a living? What are you doing to re-connect with that little ten year old? Keep us posted on your progress. Let’s help each other to make our own little world a happier more fulfilling  place. The rest of the world will take care of itself with our without our help! Thank you in advance for sharing!

To get you started, here is a little interactive quiz I created to stimulate your thinking. Feel free to share any answers or thoughts that this evokes for you:

May the Zen be with you.


1.  What were you doing at ten years old that made you happy?

2.   Remember how you felt when you did what you loved most when you were ten years old? Describe that feeling: List all the emotions;

3.   What were the highlight memories that stand  out to you and what was happening  then in your life?

4.   Where did time get lost for you?

5.  What were the forks in the road  of your life where you went in the wrong direction?

6.  What memories do you have of people discouraging you from doing what made you happy ?  eg. parents , siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, employers.

7.   What is your  life’s work now?  Your job, profession, trade etc?
8.  What about that makes you happy?
9.  When you describe the work you do to others, how does it make you feel?Describe your emotions:
10. Describe what you would love to do right now in this moment that would make you  truly happy? What about that would  fuse your personal vision with your professional mission? (Feel free to evoke memories of that little ten year old again and describe your feelings)


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